Thursday, November 15, 2012

Author of the day- Jonathan Lethem

I have decided to make Jonathan Lethem my author of the day. He should be thrilled by such publicity (knowing all ten of you are reading this, five really if you don't count those poor saps nodding off from their latest Methadone fix).

I first discovered Jonathan when his most recent book at the time just went into paperback. The title of the book Fortress Of Solitude (I'm such a superman nerd, it's sad) grabbed my eye and I was in a rush to get to work.  I then spent the rest of that day completely blowing off customers and shirking responsibilities just to read that book. I was sucked in from page one.

Two days later after killing that book and dying to read some more of his work, I went back to the book store ready to pick up his entire work (or however much $40 would get me). Sadly, they only had one other book by him Gun, With Occasional Music. I was blown away at how different the writing styles were between the two books. So much so in fact, I immediately went to the library and picked up his collection.
The most interesting thing about this author is not that can he imagine a story that will hook you without the lazy use of deus ex machina, not the fact that his characters could actually have a life of their own were they to become real (I'm looking at you Bella). The most interesting thing is that EVERY SINGLE book of his has a different feel, a different flow, and a different writing style (unlike Dean Koontz who has written 75 gazillion books that are all the same).

If you are looking for a good read, please go to his website and pick up a book. you will not be disappointed.

side note: looking through his website, I found his fathers paintings (holy crap! I need to get a few prints) also, his brothers blog (NSFW) which has now become one of my favorites (gotta love graffiti!)


Anonymous said...

I loved Fortress of Solitude. it seriously took me forever to read for some reason though. I felt like I was on methadone.

Tim K said...

That can happen when you live within 30 yards from a clinic.

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