Tuesday, November 20, 2012

two days till Thanksgiving!

There are few things more awesome than infographics, and there are few sweets greater than pie. Imagine my jubilation when I found an infographic about pie. In fact, don't imagine. Let me show you a venn diagram for it.

Turkey is the obvious star of any Thanksgiving dinner, and pie is most definitely the encore. America’s love affair with this golden-crusted treat has been well-documented in pop culture. A 2012 survey by NPR examined our pie preferences and determined that there is nothing more American than apple pie. But, there’s more than just one type of pie.

I present to you, a Pie-pie chart.

Thanks to CouponCabin for the infographic

What is your favorite pie?
let me know in the comment section.


Rachael :) said...

Cherry pie (go ahead, run with it)

Kate said...

It's a tie between apple and pumpkin.

Tim K said...

Rachael- I cannot run with cherry pie as it would make a hot, sloppy, dripping mess.

Kate- I will give you the Apple pie and Pumpkin is a close one, but I would put Sweet Potato Pie above pumpkin.

Patrick Korten said...

It has got to be pumpkin and I'm surprised that it got beat out by strawberry

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